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E-SERIES Constant Pressure Inverters

The E-series is a constant pressure variable speed inverter for single & multiple pump sets constructed from a techno polymer body suitable for drinking water applications. The ESERIES is characterised by the low pressure losses across the unit which allows flow rates up to 200lpm from each pump.

The unit is available in single phase (0.45 - 2.2kw) and three phase (0.45 - 3.0kw) in the following orientation:

  • 230v~1ph~50hz in / 230v~1ph~50hz out
  • 230v~1ph~50hz in / 230v~3ph~50hz out
  • 400v~3ph~50hz in / 400v~3ph~50hz out
E-SERIES Constant Pressure Inverter controls

The E-SERIES has the following features:

  • Easily accessible and serviceable components for maintenance purposes
  • Simple set up parameters
  • Flow sensor complete with check valve
  • Enhanced heat dissipation
  • Multi pump applications
  • Protection & alarms for dry running, over temperature and over current
  • 3 piece special unions included
  • Max pump nominal current 16amps

Set up:

Simple programming for easy set up and further advanced parameters for more complex systems.

Flow sensor:

Inbuilt flow sensor which will allow a minimum flow of 2/3 lpm. (As picture below)

Check valve:

The ESERIES also come fitted with a non return valve which is easily accessible for ease of maintenance. (As picture to the right)

Heat Dissipater

emission of heat is a peculiarity of all inverters when they are working and dissipation is extremely important critical factor. The ESERIES assures heating disposal thanks to a metallic dissipater with large cooling ribs which are in direct contact with the water flow allowing a maximum water temperature of 60°C.

Hydraulic connections:

This is simplified by the two three piece joints complete with o'rings.

Electrical connection:

This is made easy & safe thanks to the removable connector shown to the right.

E-SERIES Constant Pressure Inverter Ceck Valve