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Bespoke tank mounted cold water booster Sets

Fluid Water Solutions not only supply single, twin and triple pump booster sets but can also offer units complete with break tanks and frame work. We build all our sets in house at our base in the UK and can even build to specific dimensions, this enables us to build bespoke sets to suit your needs.

Tank Mounted Booster Set

WRAS approved tanks with Raised ball valve chamber

Our tanks are manufactured to BS 13280:2001 standard using high quality glass reinforced polyester (GRP) resins. The tanks comply with the UK water supply regulations 1999 and have been tested and approved by WRAS. All our tanks as standard are fitted with ABGAP and have a raised ball valve chamber.

Gantry mounted water booster Sets

The tanks can be mounted above the booster set this allows a space saving option particularly good in small plant room were space is at a premium. We can also offer a bolted gantry system complete with a two piece split tank this allows the set to be dismantled prior to arriving on site and then taken piece by piece to the plant room and then reassembled in the room itself this is an ideal option in old buildings where access can be an issue.

All our gantry have had a structural stress calculation to ensure that the steel work is suitable to take the weight above. We can also offer for delivery and on-site assembly throughout the UK.

Tank mounted at the side Booster Sets

Were space is not as critical we can mount the tank at the side of the booster set this considerably reduces the cost of the set without compromising on the quality as we still sit the tank and booster set on a powder coated base and use quality fittings to produce a high quality set.

Free Issued Booster Sets

We can also offer a gantry & tank only service, allowing the customer to free issue their own booster sets, we will then mount on the bespoke framework and install the pipework to suit test and ship back to the customer premises.

Side Mounted Tank Booster Set

Tank mounted booster set Features

  • WRAS approved tanks Raised ball valve chamber
  • Option for two piece tank
  • Tank mounted above booster set or at the side
  • Option for dismantleable frame work
  • Special construction for plant rooms with restricted access
  • Bespoke builds for any application Raised ball valve chamber
  • Overflow connection to water regulations
  • Solid box section construction, powder coated
  • Option for one, two & three pump set
  • Access manway

FWS Standard Tank dimensions - Click to download

view sp1 tank at side
sp2 tank at side
SP2 tank above range
SP3 tank at side
SP3 tank above range

Individual Dimensional drawings available on request
dimensions vary with size & specification of tank & Booster set model